Post Published: September 24, 2019
Author: Chlo

Woman Takes Her Own Life Due To Gambling Addiction

Today we do not have a scandal with one of the big casino corporations. Instead, we have a heartbreaking real story, which has occurred due to problem gambling. Which was allowed by casinos, no action was taken and nothing was done to stop this happening. A woman named Kimberley aged 32 started gambling in 2015. She started this due to depression, the unfortunate death of her father and an unhappy marriage. Hidden from her family Kimberley gambled away £44,000, this included £17,000 from her grandmothers will.

Her mother sold her family home and gave Kimberley £36,000 to pay off her gambling debts, as she was struggling to pay it back due to gambling it all away within 2 weeks. Arrangments were made for Kimberley to see a hypnotherapist, but she did not attend and did not use the money given to pay off her debts. Instead, Kimberley takes her own life after sending a heartbreaking text to her mum.

Changes And Promises From The NHS

Kimberley sent this text to her mum which read ‘It’s too late for me, mum‘, before taking her own life. Her mum is devastated and says ‘If help had been more readily available then her daughter would still be alive‘.

The first gambling service clinic has opened in Leeds and more clinics are set to open in Manchester and Sunderland. 340,000 people across the UK struggle with a gambling addiction and finally, more is being done to help those in need. Stories like these are heartbreaking and show the NHS needs to do more to help people with these serious problems. More clinics are said to open across the UK over time and more funding has been talked about to help keep these clinics open for years. We give out condolences to the families affected and urge those who are struggling to visit Gamban. Gamban is a service which blocks all gambling websites and apps.