Post Published: November 6, 2019
Author: Chlo

Bookmaker Agrees To Pay £120,000 To Problem Gambler In Court Hearing

Another big casino-related story has hit the news. This time the casino involved has not been stated. We have had past stories involving Betfred and William Hill. however, we do know it is a high street bookmaker in the UK. So it does narrow it down a little for us. Instead of casinos paying hefty fines for failings found by the gambling commission, today’s payout is down to a court hearing. The bookmaker agrees to pay £120,000 to problem gambler in a court hearing, which is thanks to the man’s lawyers.

What Happened

The 32-year-old man had lost over £100,000 due to his gambling problems. He lost this money playing on roulette and blackjack gaming machines. The bookmaker since has been taken to court by the man. His lawyers built a case against the bookmaker The bookmaker allowed him to bet even when he showed obvious signs of problems. This showed a breach in the gambling commission’s social responsibility code by allowing the man to continue and not take any action. The man’s lawyers stated;

 ‘’We were able to show that the firm had failed to protect him as a vulnerable customer and therefore breached a number of obligations set out within the Gambling Commission’s Social Responsibility Code’

Thanks to this court hearing 89% of the gamblers lost money was recovered. The man’s name and the bookmaker will remain a mystery as they cannot be named under the terms of this settlement. What are your thoughts on this story?