Post Published: October 10, 2019
Author: Chlo

William Hill Refuse £23,400 Payout Due To Human Error

Every year it seems there is a rise in casino news, however bad/scandalous news always tops any good news that surfaces. Just in 2019, we have had ‘Silverbond Enterprises fined £1.8m‘, ‘William Hill Not paying out £22,000‘ and even ‘Betfred refusing to pay £189,000 after printing errors‘. Many mistakes and so much money involved. Now another big sum of money is not being paid out. Two pals are not being paid their win of £23,400 due to bookies claiming there was a ‘human error’. William Hill is Refuse to payout once again.

What Happened

The guilty bookies are ‘William Hill‘. They claimed it was a human error due to allowance of the pals sticking their money on an ambitious double. The pair combined £50 each for the Salford red devils to finish inside the super leagues top five at 8-1. The pair then doubled up the bet by tipping 25-1 outsider Jackson Hastings to be named Super Leagues Man Of Steel. Which is a fancy name for the player of the whole season. The pals managed to put money down on two successful bets, however, A spokesman for William Hill said: “As stated in our rules, a related contingency occurs when one or more parts of the bet placed to affect the outcome of the bet. In this case, the prices of Jackson Hasting winning Man of Steel and Salford finishing in the top five are related.

What William Hill Have Offered

Due to this unfortunate outcome, William Hill has offered each of the pals £1,700. However, they are not settling and said they will take it all the way. A William Hill employee allowed the bet and wrote it down. So for them to then say its a human error and then offer £1,700 instead of £23,400 is insulting in my opinion. I really do feel bad for the punters, they placed two more obscure bets. Then managed to win on both of them. I cannot imagine the excitement they both felt. What’s you’re opinion on the story? Be sure to comment below and check out our exclusive casino offers.