Post Published: September 16, 2019
Author: Chlo

UK Operator Silverbond Enterprises Fined £1.8m

There have been many stories involving big fines for some of the casino industry’s biggest names. All of these fines are for different reasons, depending on the casino. I have reported on all of these fines, including Ladbrokes being ordered to pay £5,9m. Casumo was ordered to pay £5.8m due to safeguarding issues on their website. There has also been issues with sites not paying out big sums of money, due to technical errors. Which has resulted in unhappy players and big stories in the news. Giving these casinos a bad reputation. Now a land based casino in the UK has been fined £1.8m by the gambling commission.

Why Silverbond Enterprises Was Fined

Silverbond Enterprises own Park Lane casino,. This land based casino is London’s most exclusive private members club. It is in the heart of London, along with a luxurious restaurant while you play. This land based casino was already under investigation by the gambling commission before any fines were given. However the reasons for this hefty fine is due to failing in its anti-money laundering responsibility’s. Software was found to be insufficient to verify customers and failed to identify vulnerable customers.

This is not the first time Silverbond Enterprises has been under investigation. Back in 2016 for age-related activities. I do hope they learn this time and improve on these issues that have flagged up by the gambling commission. It is the first time i have reported on a land based casino, to be fined. Compared to it only the biggest online casino sites, such as Leo Vegas and Casumo for example. Let’s hope there are no more fines in 2019 for these offences and hope these casinos do what the gambling commission is saying to improve on. Be sure to check out our exclusive casino offers.