Post Published: January 27, 2020
Author: Chlo

Solicitor Stole Money From His Clients To Fund His Gambling Addiction

In 2019 there were many stories in the casino industry, regarding casino sites under fire and court cases. There were even cases of casinos refusing big payouts due to ‘Errors‘. Ladbrokes was one of the main offenders in 2019, being ordered to pay £5.9m due to investigations in 2014 -2017 proved a failure ineffective safeguards in place to prevent consumers from suffering gambling harm. Well, now it is 2020 and Ladbrokes have been mentioned again in the latest headlines. There has been a recent court hearing for a Solicitor who stole money from clients to fund his Gambling Addiction.

The 37-year-old solicitor is alleged to have stolen more than £220,000 over two years. Spending thousands every month on gambling firms such as Ladbrokes, being the only named casino so far in 2011 – 2013. The solicitor would request payment from clients in return for legal services. However, when cash was given it would be deposited into his betting accounts, sometimes multiple times a day. He would advise more legal advice in order to take the money from clients. It has been said he manipulated one client into providing him with a personal loan to cover gambling expenses. He has denied 16 counts of theft totaling £17,685. The trial is still occurring with updates coming soon on what the outcome will be.

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