Post Published: May 23, 2022
Author: Chlo

xQc Has Returned To Sponsored Gambling Streams

After losing in Ludwigs’s Million Dollar Poker Tournament, xQc Has Returned To Sponsored Gambling Streams. xQc Ten months ago, said sorry for gambling on stream. saying you shouldn’t gamble on stream. He says he doesn’t feel this way anymore and felt pressured when he originally did these streams. With Felix returning to these sponsored gambling streams, many of his fans are not happy and have left the jungle. Responding by saying if you don’t like this content, don’t watch and stating he is not a role model at all. xQc admits on Pokimane’s podcast he is addicted to gambling, saying he gambles every day and has lost $1.85 Million this month alone off stream. His father called him while he was on stream, concerned about his current addiction. xQc has opened up on stream recently about the sum of money that has been wagered through one of his affiliate links so far. Reaching $119 Million, which in Felix’s eyes is not much compared to other casino streamers such as Trainwreck as an example.

On twitch 64 of the top 1,000 streamers have streamed or advertised crypto gambling websites. The slots category on twitch has 1 Million followers and has blown up due to these popular streamers. Some of these sponsored streams are done with fake money, not all but some. Streamers using their own money, such as Trainwreck and xQc, make so much money their losses do not impact them. Compared to a smaller streamer who is not sponsored and using their own money to gamble. I wonder what will happen within the twitch casino community in the upcoming months. Will twitch change their guidelines, and will xQc still be gambling on stream? Only time will tell…