Gift Card Giveaway

Giveaway details

Throughout this week, the Chip team will be live-streaming three different games to discover their favorite game mechanic. Your participation is simple – just respond to as many questions as possible from the list below. We have Amazon gift cards worth a total of £1,000 to distribute, with varying amounts for different winners!
Join the Avatar UX discord
and answer some simple questions for a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card!
Gift Cards that are in the giveaway to be won:

  • 2x €250
  • 3x €100
  • 4x €50

Terms & Conditions

  • Each person can only win 1 Gift Card and you only get one entry.
  • Your entry is only valid if you join the discord, answer the questions and then remain in the discord, if you leave the discord your entry is invalid.

Why you should enter the giveaway

Entering the giveaway is completely free and not mandatory.
It is a chance for you to win some cool stuff or earn some money either via giftcard or as a casino balance.
Any promotions that we do with casinos we always make sure that the minimum deposit is always the lowest it can possibly be, in addition to that we also offer giveaways that are able to be entered by people on GamBan.
Most giveaways all you have to do is interact with our media pages which is free the only thing you need is an account on the said media page, which will allow you to keep up with our announcement and see the behind the scenes.

Why do we organise giveaways

The reason the team behind Chipmonkz Slots organise these giveaways is for us to give back to our loyal community by providing different opportunities for you to win goodies, money, gift cards, merch etc.
In order to do that, we team up with iGaming providers and Casino’s that you all know and love.
We work with iGaming providers to help launch new games with exclusive streams which are vital for providers to get feedback from you guys to help improve future launches. Providers also want to give away merch, to thank people who play their games and support them.
We started giving away giftcards so that you have a choose of what to do with the money you win.
The more you engage with the giveaway the higher the chance of winning the prize, depending on how well the giveaways do, we will keep doing them and do them more often.
We offer giveaways for people that gamble safely and we also offer giveaways for people that have signed up to GamBan or GamStop, so we have something that everyone can participate in.

Terms and Conditions

This giveaway is for indivuals that are 18+ and is open to everyone across the world. The gift card will be purchased for the winner for their countries amazon website. If the winner does not respond to the email after 7 days time, we will consider the entry void and re-roll the winner. To ensure this does not happen to you please check all your folders even the spam folder once the winner has been announced. The winner will recieve an email from this account:

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